Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Todays run, and an update with VA assistance

  This morning started out with a 4 mile race pace run.  I pushed really hard, my first mile came in at 9:16, this for me is fast!  I ran up the street and considered going down the private road that will give me the distance I need, and would be less dangerous.  As I was coming up to this road I seen a dog.  I decided not to run down that road because then the dog may follow me out onto the main road where the cars go 50+ mph.

   As I went by there was this little puppy, a cute cuddly yellow lab puppy who decided to follow me onto the main road.  Well I couldn't do that, so I figured I would run up the road and into the drive way and drop it off.  I thought it had worked, but upon looking behind me...there it was.  So I decided to run all the way to the end of the road and see if it would follow me out, sure enough, I had a new running buddy.  So I turned around and ran back toward the house...which btw is no small thing, this house is a big beautiful mansion about an acre off the road complete with pillars and an American flag waving from the flagpole!  The dog in tow the whole time.  I decided at this point I had to keep focused and get turned back toward home, I was hoping to tire my buddy out by the time I got to the end of the road, because if it followed me, it was going to have to follow me all the way home.  I even thought about tying my ribbon I use to secure my back pack to its neck for a leash just so it wouldn't get ran over!  Well lucky for the dog, once I got about half way down the road it stopped following me.  I wish I had a photo to show you guys, but there was so much going on, and with trying to maintain a race pace, I couldn't take those few extra seconds that i'm sure were lost anyway.

  Yesterday when I was running I passed by this skinny very green and looked like a little red small snake.  It was awfully still, but didn't appear to be dead.  Then on the way back it was still there.  This morning I passed it again.  I thought for sure it was dead, but then on my return I didn't see it...hmmm.  What do you suppose happened?  I have my theories, and wasn't curious enough to test them.  And in case you are wondering, yes I did take into consideration the rubber aspect of the thing.

  Haley and I went to the eye doctor and had our eyes dilated.  That is such a pain to deal with as we had to go grocery shopping afterward.  I couldn't do it before the appointment because of the perishable and frozen food.

 I am going to put the rest into a video and see if I can put it on here.


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