Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camping and running...can it be done?

I just got back from being out of town on a camping trip to Trinity Center KOA in California.  This is the best campground I have stayed at in my life.  We go annually with my bestie and her family.  This was my first year attending as a runner. You like that?  I totally refer to myself as a runner now...although after this last week, I am not so sure.

  Day one Aunt Flo came for a visit, I was expecting her, and was fully prepared, however I didn't know she was going to be THAT much of a pain in my keister!  I had a plan that I was going to run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  Well, when we camp we like to stay up later than usual and have s'mores, and a little something called pudgy pies (I may go into detail about those later).  I tried to go to bed early enough, but with a rough nights sleep in a bed that is not what I am used to, combine with that hag Flo...running was not something I was up for.  I am of the mindset that there are no excuses.  I tell myself the minute I make excuses, that is the minute I will give up and quit running.  Well, I think the odds were just terribly stacked against me.

  The day I did actually run was on Thursday, and it was only 2 miles.  When I got finished with my warm up and hit the ground running I felt GOOD!  Then I realized I may be going a little fast as I was out of breath.  My legs wanted to GO, like a pack of Huskies waiting to start the Iditarod.  I had to slow them down so I could at least breath LOL.  I had a nice 2 miler and felt really good afterward, so I went up to the playground where I seen a man doing some strength training there (that's where I got the idea).  There was a basketball court where I was able to do some push ups, wall sits, and squats.  I felt SO good that day.  That afternoon at the pool this man was talking about how he was running for a fitness test and that he could run a mile and a half in 14:40, or something like that.  I asked my husband Kurt how many miles an hour that equated to.  He said about 8 mph.  I looked over at the guy and thought to myself i'll be a monkeys uncle if he's running an 8 minute mile!  I think my husbands math was off.  All that to say that this guy was talking about having to run in the altitude...ALTITUDE!  What?  I hadn't even taken that into consideration thank God, because if I had, that would have added to my arsenal of excuses, and believe me, that locker was full.  I may not have ever got a run in at all!

  Friday was our last full day of camping.  I got up early enough that morning to get a run in, but I really wasn't feeling good.  That day we went to the lake and my nose was running.  I was catching my daughters cold.  By Saturday and the trip home I was full blown sick, miserable.  Aunt Flo finally packs her bags, and this cold takes her place, and with a vengeance might I add.  We rolled into our driveway around 9:45 pm and I went in the house and took my temp.  So not only do I have a cold...I have a low grade fever 99.4 WHAT UP?  I took some cold meds and headed straight to bed.  I had the most glorious nights sleep thanks to Tylenol Cold night time medicine (liquid form) with "cool burst".  No they are not paying me LMBO, but it is so good I will give them some props anyway.

  I do want to interject though that among my worries about all the eating and not running, my biggest fear was not the weight that I might gain.  My biggest fear was that I would not be able to pick up running again, or would not want to.  Weight gain is something I can handle, I can control.  Well as I am typing this, I realize that I am a bit looney...why do I constantly do this to myself?  Of course I want to keep running.  In fact I can't wait to get back out on the road!  As I was separating laundry mountain (that is a term coined by my friend Gina Sanders) it occurred to me that every time I came across a pair of running shorts, or a dry-fit shirt...a little tinge of excitement would streak across my inner being.  And as I was driving in and out of my driveway, I was looking at the road longingly in anticipation for my feet to meet the pavement once again soon.  I do have to take tomorrow off though as I told myself to rest one more day because of this stupid cold.

  On the way home I did drive for about 3 hours (of a 9 hour drive), but through the mountains.  I drove a 7 mile 6 % downgrade.  I may have never known before what that was, but let me tell you what it was, it was white knuckle, that's what it was.  So I give myself some props, and demanded a few from Kurt, which he gave me.

  A pudgy pie is much like a grilled cheese sandwich, except with blueberry pie filling, and heated in cast iron over a campfire.  Very yummy.

  I do have to tell a quick story.  Last Saturday on my 7 mile run, I brought along my nice Adidas light jacket that I shed half way through my run.  I made sure to shed it on a corner so that I could come back with my car later and pick it up.  (these country roads don't have much for shoulders).  Well, when I came back it was gone.  In that short of a time someone seen it, got out of the car, decided they knew someone who could wear this practically brand new jacket and took it.  I am very bitter for so many reasons, but if you hear me mention the jacket, you will now know what I am talking about, and I am not looking forward to running by that spot agin, but it is a staple of my run to go that way.  After all that has happened good, and bad in the last couple of weeks, I am not going to let any of it take over because I am blessed by God in SO many ways (especially salvation) that I will not let the bad stuff win.

I may as well share some photos from our camping trip, especially after that downer story.
 This was taken in Weed, Ca on the way down
 This was at the Lake, the scenery is spectacular!
 This is Rick and Teresa
 This is me and my man being playful as I switched our hats.  shhh don't tell him I posted this pic 
This is my oldest with her new favorite pastime.
And this is my youngest...just enjoying herself :)


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