Thursday, July 26, 2012

No race, new season...

  So I guess this is a new season in my running deal.  I have a few reasons why I haven't been blogging.  It seems that I have been crazy busy, and also when I read other peoples blogs they have all sorts of tabs, and highlights, and links, I begin to think "why would anyone want to read MY blog?"  But I have to just get over that and realize that if I wanted all that stuff I would just have to take the time to learn how to do it.

  Not a race:
So now that I am not training for a race, what's next?  As I have already made very clear to myself, I refuse to quit running.  One of the post HM (half marathon) training ideas I had planned was to train my oldest daughter to run a 5K as she has taken an interest in running.

  Emily's 1st mile with me:
   I took her out one day about a week ago and she did so well!  We ran down the private road, which we call our driveway...we actually share it with about 7 other houses, but it is gravel mostly and has three good sized hills.  She kept a good pace, and only had to walk a few times.  Whenever I encouraged her to run she would pick it up again, and on the hardest hill (Deanna's hill) she pushed herself so hard.  I could see that she was struggling and I was encouraging her to get up it without stopping and promised her when she got to the top that she could walk.  The next day as I was finishing up a 5 mile run and was on that hill, I was tired and thought to myself how my daughter must have felt, I looked over to my right and could see that red faced little girl muscling up that hill, I could almost hear her breathing.  I was reminded of the smile she had when we reached the plateau :)  I was sure to tell her when I got home what I went through on that hill, and sure to tell her how hard I know she worked and how proud I was of her.  I was sure to tell her how much I enjoyed her running with me.  I really need to get out there with her would be good as it is a rest day for my schedule.

My new schedule:
 I went into the forums of Daily Mile and typed in training schedule.  The best one I seen I have modified a bit and this is what it will look like for me:
Day 1: Monday 2-3 mile
Day 2: Tuesday 4-5 mile
Day 3: Wednesday 2-3 mile
Day 4: Thursday rest or cross train
Day 5:  Friday rest or cross train
Day 6:  Saturday long run, generally a mile longer than I had done the week before.
Day 7 Sunday: Rest
 I will add strength to my cross training days and one of my run days.

Dealing with being tired:
  Adding strength to my running routine has helped me to be tired.  I know I will see results soon and rather than be tired I will be stronger, it's just tough waiting it out.  This is why I was not going heavy on the strength when I was training for my HM.
  Another additive to my tiredness is the new schedule I am committed to.  See, as much as I love to run, my husband is more important to me.  He faithfully gets up every morning very early and goes to work, he does not stop to have a beer, or gamble at the casinos, he comes home and loves on his wife and kids.  I feel like he deserves the world if he should ask it from me, so the least I can do is get up early with him.  This is proving to be a challenge, but I am seeing some adjustment.  We have been going to bed early as well...most nights, and the funny thing is that we tell the kids they can stay up a little later, but they choose to go to bed too.  In the fall this schedule will change as work will be closer to home.

  It seems as though things have been busy, some of it I bring on myself, but most of it is errands and everyday stuff that you can't get by without.  Sometimes at the end of the day when I give myself permission to stop and sit down I feel guilty because I already got to sit down in the morning, and I ask myself "what did you do all day?  Look at your house and the projects you have been saying you were going to take care of, you could do this now instead of sitting and wasting time".  Sometimes I get up and do it, but a lot of the time I don't.

Last few runs:
  I would be a liar if I said they were a breeze, but that is okay, I know my workouts are an ongoing science experiment.  Also one major thing I am forgetting to mention is my eating habits.  I have been doing so horrible!  It is no wonder my body does not want to cooperate with the strain I am putting on it!  Over the past three days I have been shifting back to having more produce in my diet, and man can I feel the difference already!  This morning when the alarm went off I was actually able to get up and going without a huge fight.  I have been eating so horrible because the weather had been cloudy most all last week, and I was craving sugar like nobodies business.  I ate two yeast doughnuts in one sitting...I have never done that in my life.  Even at my heaviest I never did that!  Apparently that is not as big of a deal as I thought though.  I was running through this all. My last run of 3 miles yesterday went well, today is a rest/cross train day, and the day before my 3 mile...

Monster Hill:
  A few months ago I wrote about trying monster hill, it was so hard, I couldn't make it to the top without walking, and have been teasing about trying it agin.  Well I did, but this time I had a plan.  I ran a mile out and then turned around so that by the time I hit that hill I would have a nice mile and a half warm up, that helped me half way up the hill.  The other half was getting hard, then the last 4/10ths of the way up was pure struggle.  Struggle to breath, to concentrate, but I talked my way up it.  This was biggest loser last chance workout pain, I told myself, this is only one hill, only a little farther, biggest loser contestants or anyone trying to transform their body has to do this for months on end, you are only asking for one hill, then I told myself I never have to do this again if I don't want to!  I made it to what looked like the top, but have you ever been up a hill that appeared to plateau, then had just one more hump to overcome?  That is this hill!  I did it!  I got to the top!  Then turned right back around.  I was out of breath and in a lot of pain, this was a five mile run, but decidedly I was cutting it short.  Just as I crested the hill, if I would have kept going I would have gone down a smaller hill that I would have had to run up again when I turned around...I guess I will just have to save something for next time.  Don't forget about those hills on my driveway that are nothing to sneeze at, I still had to crest those in order to get home.  I had given myself permission to walk those...but we all know how running and letting ourselves take the easy way out doesn't :)

Thank you for reading.



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  1. Very, very interesting. you're doing really well, with your running. Keep up the good work. I'm very proud of you, as a matter of fact.