Monday, January 11, 2016

Running again on the heels of the worst cold ever!

The family dialogue of last night rattles through my head as I prepare for an early morning run.  My husband Kurt who has been supportive of my running since day one is not so certain about my choice for tomorrow (this morning).  He sees me blowing my nose and taking night time cold medicine and cannot help but doubt my decision for the following morning.  I try to explain to my children my precious 11 and 13 year old about how it has been since last saturday, LAST SATURDAY 8 days since I have run anything.  My oldest sarcastically pretends to understand while my youngest mimics me, she's talking about how it's been a whole year since she has run and doesn't know what she will ever do! My angels.

I ignore them as I have decided is the best mental route to take in these misunderstood circumstances.  3:50am, look at that!  I am naturally awake before 4!  No problem!  I get out of bed, brush my teeth, start my coffee and text my running buddy that all systems are go!  I am fine.  Okay, I am hacking.  That's all right, I will just get rid of it while i'm running.  I learned how to get rid of that stuff while standing in a gale on a ship…I GOT THIS!  After a quick Google of phlegm and what it all means, I post it to my friends on social media, after all they really need this info too, I put on my running gear, and the leg warmers.  I never needed leg warmers before, but they are so cute, and my legs can get cold.  At this point I am trying to ignore my throbbing head and am hoping those two Advil kick in before too late.  Time is ticking, I need to wrap up this blog post and throw on the rest of my gear!  Wish me blessings folks!  Here goes nothing.


You really didn't think I would leave you hanging did you?  So, we got out there and it was much warmer than I expected.  In my mind I was going to need to take it very slow.  I think I was like a Mustang horse who had been tied down for a week because there was no worrying about speed out of the gate.  Half way down the road was a different story.  We hit the steady incline and I was trying hard to ignore my out of control panting.  I could ignore it just fine, however I think it was a little more difficult for my partner to un-hear it.  We walked a couple of times, but the run was not miserable, that's for sure!  When we were approaching the turn around point for 3 miles I contemplated taking it easy and turning there, but decided that I would run as far as I could weather that be 3.5 or 4.  On the way back to complete a 4 mile, we hit the hills that are the gravel road to my house.  My heart rate was approaching max speed and it was time to walk/run those hills.

Afterward I felt like I might have a coughing fit to put all the previous nights to shame, but surprisingly I did not!  But I couldn't even get my gear put away before my nose was running away from me, then I was hot, oh so HOT!!!  I was sweating profusely and could not cool enough, the clothes were being stripped off and I was trying hard to convince myself to stay in the house.  Sweat now pouring from my face, I just sat there.  What happened?  I think I sweat more with a cold, I must.  It is 1:30 and I feel much better.  The hotness went away within a couple of minutes and I was able to move on.  I even got some housework done.

I hope tomorrow I can run again!!!!!  I have a whole week to make up ;)

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