Friday, June 19, 2015

Is this normal?

The day after the marathon I wrote a really long race recap.  I read it to my family, they said it was too negative and that I would scare people away from running a marathon.  That blog post unfortunately did not make the blog.

Here is the thing.  I did enjoy the race.  There were certain aspects I did not enjoy after mile 18, but as I read other blogs I realize most people don't have anything nice to say after mile 18…sometimes even earlier!  I read about the rest period after a marathon.  The suggestion was no running for 4 to 7 days.  They suggested doing cardio you otherwise would not do, something just for the fun of it.  I, unfortunately, did not even do that.  What I did do was strength training 2 days, and core/stretching 1 day this week.  I cleaned my house like mad and did a whole lot of eating.  Not because I was hungry, but because I was really wanting to indulge.

The thing that is troubling me is that I need to jump right into training for another Marathon in October (Portland Marathon), but before that I got tantalized by the medal for the Flat Half this year.  I run that every year and was going to forego it this year, but the medal was just too pretty!  Here's the problem.  I am not sure how to train with only two weeks in between.  I have my idea that I am going to go with, but am just a little nervous.

I have a five mile run tomorrow.  It has been 6 days since I have hit the streets.  Tomorrow I have five miles to run.  I am nervous about it.  I feel confident that I can do it, but just wonder if it will be easy like the five's I was doing before, or if it will be long and taxing.  ALSO, my client and I have decided to use the Galloway Method for the Marathon, so that's got me a little creeped out.  Taking walk breaks on purpose will be new to me.

I have heard of post marathon let down where people feel like they accomplished something big, then it's like "what next?"  I can only imagine that this is the lunacy that leads to more marathons then to, gulp, ultras.  But what I wonder is if it is normal to feel afraid of getting back into training, because I used to feel that way after running half marathons.


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