Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dear shoes

Dear Asics Gel Nimbus 17 (white pair),

You have been with me through the miles.   Taking the beating with every pounding step.  Never fighting, only absorbing the abuse of the road for me.  We ran over 300 miles together in preparation for our first marathon.  You were with me on mile 14 for the first time, you were with me when we had to walk and I had to face the fact that running is sometimes partial to walking.  And that I am not the bad mamajama I thought I was.  You talked me into continuing on when the side of the road was looking like a cool bed, or when the Llama looked so snuggly and comfortable lying in the cool grass…you reminded me that you were supporting me, and that I didn't need to stop or hallucinate as we would get our brake soon enough.  You helped me stay out of ditches, and never let me twist my ankle.  You propelled me up hills I otherwise would have been squeamish over.  Remember the time the birds were protecting their nest, and you helped me put my Speed Agility and Quickness skills into effect?  What about that time we saw those chickens doing things that should have been saved for night time?  What a time we had!  You took me in training farther than any other shoe…all the way up to 20 miles, and then a few runs after that.  Then... I began feeling like you weren't supporting me as good as you were at first.  I got nervous.  I bought a new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 17 (blue pair).  I am sorry.  It didn't take me long (15 miles to be exact) to figure out that even though they supported me, they hadn't been through what we have been through together.    They didn't lace up as easy, they weren't as playable and comfy as you.  I am sorry that I humiliated you by putting you on the left foot and the new shoe on the right foot and paraded you around the driveway to test out which pair I would take on the race.   How could I do that to you? I had to realize the hard way that you had not lost your structure, no, instead you had turned into what a trained shoe should be! I hope you know that you are my true first marathon shoe and it is you who I will take to the race.  I know that you will cary me through just as you have all the other miles, so please forgive me and lets make our last huge memory on Saturday!
Your deeply indebted non injured runner  

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