Friday, September 14, 2012

An intro to my first few courses, and run talk

  I just want to say that this self improvement stuff is not easy!

  This was my thought as I was on my 5 mile run yesterday.  Lately I have been having trouble getting into the groove of running.  I think the reason I am having such a hard time is because of the new schedule.  In the summer I could get my run in the early morning hours, but now it isn't feasible with the girls having to be to school so early.

  What is feasible about that is that my online live class gives me plenty of time to get home after I drop the girls off.  This means NO before care.  Oh how you wouldn't believe the resistance I sometimes get to this.  I can't exactly blame them though...I made them this way.  I was always first to pick them up from any situation, it started with Sunday school.

  I have sort of concocted a plan in my head.  Each of the courses are 5 weeks, and I have three courses this 5 week term.  Fit-100 with a teacher that promises to deliver a great learning style!  The name of the course speaks for itself, it will be the introduction to the main reason I have begun this journey.  Tech-102 this course is assembled around  We will have to learn in my opinion extensively, how to use 3 aspects of this program.  I am thrilled that I will be learning word processing, but at the same time am nervouse because some of the language can be dry.  There are on Tuesday evenings "academic assistance" sessions that you can bet I will be logging onto!  Last but certainly not least is Enlish-111, this is a course that promises to teach me how to use my adult skills such as prioritizing, collaborating, and breaking up big tasks into smaller more manageable tasks, among other things.  The plan I have made up is to drop the kids off at school, then go over to the gym, get my run in by treadmill, or around my gym area.  There is actually a nice foot path that I have talked about in he past, but it goes a long a busy highway where there is a lot of exhaust so I don't like to do that too often.  Then after my scheduled work out I will either go home, or change clothes and head for the library.  I have this idea that being at the library for my non live teaching days would give me a responsiblitiy free place to study, and will keep away the it will feel like I am "going" to college :)

My long run days are on Saturdays so they won't conflict with school, and after my half marathon my running schedule won't be so stringent, that will be another worry for next know how fearful I am that I am going to quit running.  However I do think I will take a break after the half in October, and do crosstraining in between. 

  I am learning lots of college lingo that I never really knew what it meant, like Syllabus, and synchronous, and Ruberic.  I asked God to let me retain all that I learn, and so far He has really helped me!  And I just learned that blogging is going to help me in my writing assignments!  My first 5 week term starts tomorrow, but the instructors have already posted some of the assignments, so I have gotten a jump start.  My worst fear is falling behind.  I like the luxury of taking a lot of time to study and take notes. 

  Tomorrow is my 10 mile run.  I am looking forward to it, but also know that this is how I do.  I feel all big and bad like i know I can do it, being all relaxed, but then the morning of a long run comes and I have to remind myself constantly of the benefiits.  I will burn 1,000 calories, I will have the most awesome runners high, I will totally deserve the break I get over the next two days, and some bragging rights.  You would be surprised at the level of procrastination that goes just before a run LOL.


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