Monday, September 24, 2012

Goings on

Okay, the last time I tried to blog when I was this burnt out was a mess.  But I have found a scrap of time, and darn it, I am going to use it.  I figured I would take you though a new typical week with me.

  Sunday: Church/family time
  Monday: Drop kids at school, come home and study, and attend a 2 hour live class
  Tuesday: Drop kids RUN 3 miles, head home (unless there is an urgent need for some type of grocery, then I will grab it) Study work on assignments
  Wednesday: Drop kids early RUN 5 miles, hurry home, attend 2 hour class then study and work on assignments
  Thursday: Drop kids, run 3 miles, hurry home, study, work on assignments
  Friday: I haven't totally figured Friday out, but the hope is that I will have my assignments completed and will be able to run errands, and help with my kids school related activities.
  Saturday, tie up any lose ends, and family time.

  That is a rough draft week, didn't want to bore you with too many details.  I have always appreciated the value of time, but now I do even more, because when I go get the kids then come home, tidy up the house, make dinner, and spend some minutes with my husband, I am eager to see if there is just one more thing I can do, but by then I am pretty spent.

My running has been going surprisingly well, especially for how tired I have been feeling.  I also have been trying different courses, which has really made a difference in my motivation to get out there.   As I may have mentioned in the past I want to specialize in weight loss.  I also want to specialize in encouraging children and youth to be fit and give them fun ways to move their bodies.  The great news is that I can!  There are specialty certifications I will be able to take to help me toward that goal.

  Saturday is an 11 mile run.  I have already mapped out a course as that will be the longest distance I have ever run while training.  My last Half marathon I ran only 10 miles for my longest run before the race.

  Well that is all I can squeeze in for now.  There really is so much more to say, I want to return to my usual musings about the things I see and find, and how I feel, but that will have to wait till a later date.  Thanks for reading, and take care my friends...I miss you.

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