Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I must have smoked a pack in my sleep

  I had the toughest run today that I have had in a long time.  I can't remember the last time I wanted to quit in the middle of a run...oh wait, yes I can, because I did.  I even wrote about it.  Chalked it up to being too hot and some other stuff.  I now realize that I should have just slowed the treadmill down.  Today was a 5 mile run.  First one in a while.  With this training program the mid week run jumps up a mile, sort of like the end of the week run.  Even after my chest was hurting like I had smoked a pack of cigarettes.

  I have really come to crave my long runs.  Yes I still stress a bit about them, and I do get tired while on them, and I am human, so I procrastinate in the morning before I run them.  Then "why?" you ask do I crave them?  It's the feeling after.  Every time I watch that show Extreme Makeover, I get encouragement from the people who are making an extraordinary move in their lives.  Today when I was watching, Chris looked at the guy after he had completed a work out, and said "now you can do anything".  That is exactly the way I feel after a long run.  I believe signing up for a race is birthed from  the high of a long run.  I think the more I run, the more it takes to experience the high.

  Todays run for instance was so difficult that I really was discouraged with it all day.  I made good time, and completed the task, and probably burned more calories than most good 5 mile runs, but it was a let down.  Tomorrow I am due for 3 miles.  I am not going to say that should be easy, I am just hoping I get a good nights rest for it.  I even ate salad today.  I noticed that if I eat anything that grew up from Gods green earth, that I get better results.

  At my kids school there are other runners, how do I know?  I know because I have seen two vans with running stickers!  I sure hope I figure out who they are and above all I hope they are nice!


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