Saturday, May 12, 2012

He knows what he's talking about.

I was under the impression that the only thing I would be tripped up by when it came to training for a race, would be an injury.
  My week in review would prove otherwise.  As I planned to attend the Yamhill outdoor Christian School for 6th graders, I had mapped out a run for the day before I left.  I had so much on my plate the week before, that it was impossible to stick to my training schedule up until I left.  So I was trading my tuesday 8 mile run for a Monday 6.6 mile run.  I was having my oil changed in Longview and had a run planned from the dealership to the mall which was about 3.3 miles.  I printed it up and had it laying on the kitchen counter.  My dear husband looked at it and asked what it was.  I explained to him, and he said, "Oh no way are you running alone in that part of town"  I tried not to argue because part of me believed my husband knew what he was talking about, but the other more bossy part of me believed I knew better. In the end he said "I guess I shouldn't do that, if you want to run it...."  I got my sense in me and told him that if he was concerned enough to tell me not to do it, then I knew he wanted me to be safe and had my best interest in mind.  It is no different than when he wants to do something death defying and I am against it.  I don't hesitate to tell him no.

  Upon explaining this to my friends who live in my area, I have found that my husband did in fact know what he was talking about...hmm imagine that.  God in His perfect plan, actually knows what He's doing by putting my husband in charge to love me and keep me safe.

  So what did I do that day at the dealership?  I just lied on the grass and soaked up the sun.  FAIL
Hind sight says, there was enough road around that area to safely walk in plain view of people and be safe that I could have run a loop over and over for an hour and gotten the same effect, maybe just a little more boring.

  Today is Saturday, and I am expecting myself to get a 5 mile run in.  I think I am going to have to ask the neighbor to come over and sit with my kid for an hour so I can get it accomplished, as I will really beat myself up if I don't, ESPECIALLY on this gorgeous day!

  I wore my bodybugg the whole time at camp, but forgot to take my digital display with me, so I was eager to see my caloric burn while I was away.  It was minimal, but I surpassed my steps goal every single day!  My goal is 10,000, and I averaged about 14,000.  When I run 5 miles or more, I usually get 20,000 in.

  I am again in a little turmoil over where I should be in this training schedule, but I am going to just try and adjust back to my routine, and be happy that there are 4 more weeks of school left that give me plenty of time during the day to get my runs in while my children are in school.

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