Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unassuming hill, have you ever tried to conquer one?

Just a quick note...
  Yesterday as I had mentioned in my last post was to be a busy day.  How will I get my 5K in?  There was a window of time after I got off work, and before my 3:15 meeting.  It was rain free all morning, until about the time I got off work (okay, it started to rain a little earlier than that) and I headed straight home.  Ideally I would have headed straight to my fitness center and had a nice flat treadmill run, but there was a puppy at home who needed to be let out.  Well, by the time I got home it was too late.  I just hate that I cannot be home to let her out all day long, and that's why I come home right after work at 12:30 every day.  So she had not only went, she got it all over herself only #1 thank goodness.  So after a bath and a blow-dry (for the puppy not me :)) I had to figure out if I was going to run outside, or try to make the treadmill...all the while trying not to concentrate on the fact that I fought getting a puppy tooth and nail, and that when I was finally worn down I said "let's wait until summer vacation so I have the time to help my 10 year old care for her".   Time wise I think my fitness center frame had ended, so I set out of my driveway, it was lightly raining when I left.

  I wasn't .05 miles out of my yard and the downpour began!  But here's the strange thing...I wasn't angry.  I think I really surprised myself as I embraced it!  I was fueled by the fact that I was doing this, I was running in the rain because I was once again not letting circumstance get in my way of something that was painful at first, and a little at the end, but all together worth it!  Not to mention I had a massive hill to think of.  Have you ever been driving and you approach a hill that is rather unassuming?  That is the hill I was about to run up.  Yes I have treaded that hill before, and I honestly cannot remember if I had to stop and walk in the past.  I must have told myself that I have totally ran the thing before, and since I have been hill running for the past 4 or 6 runs, I can surely make it up this guy.  I started out real nice, leaning in forward, my breathing getting a little heavier, trying not to look at the top so far away, now I am tingling (painfully), I am focused really wondering WHY did I chose this route, then I hear myself let out an involuntary groan, I keep pressing on, looking up telling myself I am almost there, then looking up again and telling myself "you're not almost there, what, are you crazy?", then the legs are no longer floating under me as I am losing power up this, now my thighs have somehow been lit by a match and have caught fire (good thing it's raining) I tell myself I can do it, but at this point I have the olympic runner on one shoulder and the couch potato on the other...I had to walk.  I slowed to a walk and once I crested the hill I picked up the pace again.  I was wondering how long until my iPod app was going to let me know it was my half way point.  No sooner did I wonder it, she said it!  Woohoo, time to turn around!  It was mostly downhill from there.  Time to ease on down the road, and open my mouth to let those rain drops in!

  I was fearful that once I got to my own road I wasn't going to be able to take on those hills that lead up to my driveway.  These things are unassuming as well, because on the way out they are a small easy challenge, but after any type of run coming home, they have me wondering why I moved onto a road with so many hills, and calculating my next house in Kansas, or Kentucky...somewhere FLAT!

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