Friday, May 4, 2012

Not new at being new

Hello Hello!  Well, I hope you all enjoyed the pet peeve post.  There were some on there that I agreed whole heartedly, like the running abreast thing to where people can't pass, or the whole late start in the cold!

  That whole FB post was an eyeopener as I have only run two "races", and the reason I put that word in quotations is because the second Disney 5K, wasn't a race, it was more just a run/walk to get your day started on the right track.  Now did people treat it like a race?  I know I did.  Not like I was trying to win or get ahead, but on a 3.1 mile I did want to at least keep my normal pace.  By the way, I checked into my pace from the Shamrock Run, and it was 9:56, so YES, I was even faster than a 10 minute mile!

  So I did decided to do the Hal Hagdon schedule, which I think the man is a saint for offering this for free! At first I was afraid and overwhelmed, but once I started it, I was in TRAINING MODE ( you have to say it real slow and deep with an echo to get the effect).  It takes all the guess work out of how many miles a day to run, or the question I always like to ask myself "Am I doing enough?".  A few posts back I wrote about not running back to back, but apparently the more I run, the more I can do it!  Also I decided to read the precursor to the schedule that he puts with it, that has the explanations of all the instructions.  Hal put my mind at ease when he explained that if one has extra time, they can repeat a week, or adjust whatever way they need.  So what I did was started at the end of week 7 and changed the long run day to a Tuesday (thankfully I already know this works better for me), and then went to week 8 for Wednessday through Tuesday.

  Next week I am leaving on Tuesday for outdoor Christian School as a camp counselor.  Oh ya!  Anyway, I am going to have to just suck up the fact that there will be no running, however I am not nervous about there being no exercise, I have a feeling that won't be an issue, and I also have a feeling I will be praising God that I am in shape :)

  My girlfriend Retha gave me the name of a new podcast to listen to called Two Gomers.  I am clear back to November with this one as I wanted to start as close to the beginning as I could find on iTunes.  The first one I was hearing I wasn't thrilled with as there was no running talk, but the second one was great!  Not only did I learn that 8 miles is a long run (even if you have run a marathon), they also give glory to God in their lives!  They talk about their weaknesses and strengths, and all kinds of stuff, and this was only one podcast.  I am hooked!  I almost never want to catch up because I want to have lots to listen to.

  I am a firm believer, from experience, that if you are new (which I consider myself professional at being) then you have to stick around, stand your ground, don't back down, and make your presence known, be yourself to get accepted.  I have been going to the same gym for 5 months not on and off, but religiously!  I see the same people almost always, not just the workers but other patrons.  And some were friendly, not most.  The workers were only nice because they had to be.  But then a break in the brick wall... people started holding the door open when I came in behind them, other patrons were actually smiling at me.  Some still won't smile, but at least they aren't frowning anymore.  Is it all in my head?  I don't think so...come on you know you've been there.  I have moved from California, to Michigan, to Alaska, to Oregon, to Washington...I am good at being new.  I have learned a few tricks of the trade.  If you are new at being new and you need some help or advice you know where to find me.

  I know it is a pain to leave a comment on my blog with all the verifying that crazy font they tell you to enter, and if you aren't already a google member it's probably next to impossible.
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  Thanks for reading!  

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