Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All about my week end, and today.

My training schedule is thickening.  It seems as though I have been dumped into a very demanding routine.  Last week end I ran till I thought I couldn't run any more, then got a rest.  This week end started my running on Friday with a 3 miler, then Saturday 5, then Sunday 4.5.  Rest on Monday, which was perfect because we were staying at an RV park as a family, and the fam had to wait around for me to finish up my runs.

 Highlights of the week end were getting to shop at the Nike, and Adidas employee stores!  Everything was 50% off.  This is something I wouldn't have cared much about only 6 months ago, but I have been running in the same three outfits since December, and one of them is insulated pants, so those rule out when the warm weather hits.  My other pair of pants the fabric is pilling up from being washed so much.  The shorts are great because they are practically brand new!  I got some serious loot though.  I do need a new sports bra, but the one I did like, they didn't have in my size...too bad because not only was it functional, it was cute!  I got some compression shorts, socks, sweat wicking shirts, and compression pants.  At least I think the shorts and pants are compression.  I also picked up a running skirt at a different store, which I am super excited to use when I am outside!

This was me post 7 mile run today, the pants socks and shoes are all meant for running...the shirt and bra I have on are not, more about why in the following paragraph.

I was originally scheduled to do my 7 miler tomorrow (Wednesday), but it had slipped my mind that there was a function I need to attend tomorrow at 2, there was no way I would be able to get a run that length of time into my schedule tomorrow, so I said to myself I will do it today.  I am really glad I sprung it on myself because it turned out being one of the best runs ever!  The reason I had the work out clothes that I did have with me were because I was scheduled to do a 50 minute cross train, which I will do tomorrow.  Once I knew I was going to be running that long of a distance, anxiety and fear began to set in.  I have run that far before, in fact the farthest I have run is 8 miles, so why was I so scared?  Because I don't think I have run anything over 6 miles in 3 weeks!  But all this training and running back to back has surely conditioned my body!  Woohoo, it is finally behaving!!!  Someone asked me what am I going to do with my new body, and I quickly answered, "condition it, and beat it into submission"  I don't think the person was inferring that I was going to "use" my body in any way, I think she was just giving me a compliment in noticing my changes.  But every time I think of slacking even the slightest, I think of those words I told  her.              

  I have been thinking lately also about why I run.  I was remembering my first run this round of losing weight, and how powerful it felt, it was only 5 minutes, and I felt so invigorated, I wanted more!  I am so looking forward to my shorter faster runs, because speed feels free!  I have also decided to run my short runs on the hilly roads around my house, and my long runs on the treadmill.  That way I am building my muscles on the hills and gaining the strength I will need for my flat 1/2 marathon.  I don't want to be concerned with speed on race day, but I really want to enjoy it!  I keep telling myself that I just want one 1/2 marathon under my belt, but then after a great distance run like today, I think, wow, maybe I am a distance runner!  Time will only tell.  

  Thought I might share some of my weekend happenings with you all.

  On the way out of town this was the sky behind me

This was the sky in front of me

When I tried to find the remote for the television ( I don't normally watch TV on my runs, but I was going to have remote in case) I couldn't help but notice this exercise bike filled with soda, chips, and when I turned on the TV it was on MTV.  I am thinking the quality of this persons work out probably wasn't the greatest.

As I was sitting outside the 85 degree pool I looked at my situation with the running magazine, my new ring, and just being able to relax knowing I worked hard that day, I wanted to remember it always.  

A couple of ducks in the grass right by our RV.

It was a good week end, and now this week has gotten off to a great start.  I hope I stay this motivated all the way through!

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  1. Awesome. Its nice to reward yourself with new workout clothes! You deserve it. Great job, Jolene! Retha