Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brace myself

  I couldn't say anything about it for safety reasons, but we were on vacation.  Our family took a long awaited trip to Walt Disney World, and a 7 day Disney cruise.  Yes it was fabulous!!

  While on the cruise I knew I had better keep up on my running. (Gotta train!) The first morning I decided to hit the fitness center I got up at 7 or something like that (which is 4 am Pacific) I strapped on my shoes and headed up to the 11th deck.  For some reason they hid this place.  I had located it the day prior, however locating it when I basically just rolled out of bed and was still a little delirious was a bit of a challenge.  Once I did find it, I found that several of my other cruisers had beat me to it!  Not one single treadmill available.  A little panic...and to be quite honest, a little relief hit me at once.  I thought "wow, what a great excuse to hang it up right here!", but come on, you know me by now.  I am not about to let the guilt of giving up that easy get me, I have enough other kinds of guilt at my disposal (remember I am on a never ending buffet cruise).  I decided to walk through the place to make very positive that I hadn't missed a machine, as I was walking through, this very kind gentleman was finishing up his work out and offered the machine to me!  Yay!!  I was getting a treadmill!

  My run went pretty good.  First I had to fuss with my blue tooth headphones vs. the iPod cable the machine gives...can't use both, so I decided whatever charge I had on my phone was the charge I was going to make it with.  As I begin my run in this posh setting looking out onto the ocean, I see a little sign that says Head phones and iPods available for use.  What?  really?  What kind of music is on these things?  How can they do that when we all have such different tastes?  Well I guess I will just have to keep wondering, I'm okay with never knowing.  I had a bottle of water with me, refilled from the drink station on the pool deck.  This is a Dasani bottle we bought when we were in WDW.  This thing is huge like 32 oz.  No I did not fill it all the way, which is a good thing because in the middle of my run, I fumbled with the cap and it went flying.  You know what I am talking about, the drop...hit the belt...then disappear into who knows where.  Then the thought "should I get it? are these people judging me because I am not getting off the machine?  Don't they realize I WILL look for it when I am done?  It's just a bottle cap."  So this is how I over think things not just when I am running...but most of my days.

  I pushed through on the fancy treadmill, all the while staring out the window, wondering how they got these heavy machines and weights on board, and trying not to loose my balance among the rocking.  Oh yes...the boat does not stop rocking so one can get their running in.  It wasn't bad, I only had to brace myself once or twice...

BTW...that bottle cap?  gone.  I never could find it.  But I did make it 6 miles :)

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