Friday, April 27, 2012

Health and Christina Applegate.

I was so tired today.  From the moment I got out of bed.  I thought, just have some coffee, you will be awake then.  It at least got me into the land of the living.  I was sluggish most of the morning.

  Today I am supposed to run.  How far?  That is the million dollar question.  Why?  Because I don't have a trainer, it's all me baby.  I am on my own.  I can't seem to find anything online that is free that will train someone for a half marathon (if you have a link to something, I would be so grateful for you to know where to find me)  So as I have mentioned in the past, I don't think there is a specific recipe for all people.  Just when I think I have myself down to a science, I find that I am just a little more conditioned, able to go just a little farther, a little harder.  (yes that is a good thing, but I wonder how long have I been babying myself when I shouldn't have been)

  Last week end when I was in Walgreens a Health magazine jumped out at me!  I looked at and tried so hard to ignore all the eminent information practically yelling at me.  I turned in my photos for developing, and went back to my normal boring non informed life.  When I came back to pick up the photos, low and behold...that magazine was still there!  I snatched it up, scanned the cover and decided there WAS information in there that I NEEDED to know! darn it!

  I decided to save it until my next run, not even a sneak peek would I let myself have.  It was kind of like being a kid again, having something waiting for me to delve into that I knew I could be excited about.  I know this is a lot to say about a silly magazine, but they really are a treat for me (have you seen news stand prices lately?)  That was Sunday.  My next run was to be on Tuesday.

  When I get on the treadmill I often wonder what people might be thinking.  I hang my gym bag, which happens to be this ugly yellow and green Oregon Ducks (GO DUCKS) bag that is perfect because it has all these compartments for my hair ties, locker lock, spare deodorant, bottle of Scentsy room spray, get the idea.  I hang that bag on the arm of the treadmill, and amazingly enough, it neither distracts me, or causes a problem.  I hit the 2 mile an hour button and begin my set up routine.  I put on my headphones, open my candy (only if I plan to run more than 6) and tune into pandora, or a podcast.  This day I had my shiny new issue of Health magazine!  Christina Applegate is on the cover.  I bumped up the speed to my normal 3.2 or 3.5 and got all nice and warmed up.  Pushed the stop button, got off the treadmill and did some stretches.  Two things I learned, not to stretch cold, and not to run cold. There is nothing worse than having to stop mid run to stretch out a cramp.  I hop back up on the belt and push the 6 mph button.  That little gem of a magazine kept me intrigued for almost 4 miles!  Okay so I am sure the thing you are saying in your head is what everyone says to me..."I can't read when I am running" I can't really either, unless the words are big.  I have also come to find out that if I am bored enough or want something bad enough, I will ignore the "I can't"'s and make it happen.  Reading and running is a fine tuned skill ha ha ha ha, proof that I will tell myself anything.  That day with the help of Don Williams, Eddie Rabbit, Hank JR., and an issue of Health, I was able to achieve 8 miles!  Yay ME!

  This morning as I was fueling up and dragging feet I was wondering how was I going to make it.  The feeling only progressed as twelve noon quickly approached.  I thought about the fact that in the running world nothing is ever certain, and there isn't a lot of rhyme and reason to why you will have a stellar run one day, and a miserable run the next.  So I have pretty much convinced myself that the magazine I downloaded onto my iPad this morning isn't going to keep me interested.  On the way to the gym I had a candy, to try to give me a pre run pick me up.  It picked me up...for all of about 5 minutes.  I did my warm up routine and got my iPad all set up and pressed the 6 mph button.  I was off!  I had some trouble with running and turning digital pages, but I was entertained!  This issue was Prevention's April issue.  I also took a break from trying to fuss with the digital pages and played a game of solitaire!  I didn't win, but I didn't care, I merely wanted to zone out away from the pain.  I took notice after about 3 miles, then was able to zone for another mile.  The last 6th mile was hard, but I did it.  I thought about trying for 8 again, but didn't have any candy out, and did not want to experience major fatigue.

  I am still not completely confident in my ability to achieve long distances.  I am not confident in my will power to keep going.  I have fear of quitting.  If you have tips on how to not get bored, please share.  I read other runners blogs periodically and I admire them, and they have the same weaknesses I do?  Even if I never gain full confidence in this ability, I will not stop striving.    Thank you for reading my blog, it means a lot...really.


  1. Jolene,
    My husband is getting ready to run his first half marathon at Disneyland and he's going to follow a training plan from the RunDisney site. Look up RunDisney and you should see a link for the Jeff Galloway training. Hope it helps.

  2. Carisa, thanks so much, I will check it out!!!