Saturday, April 7, 2012

So much to say

I have so much to say about running to anyone who'll listen, or read.  I try not to bore people with my running stories, mostly my husband, but he listens...or at least pretends to.  He knows I run, and he supports me, and cheers me in my goals, so in my mind, that is good enough.

  Today I was running "I was runaayynnggg" as Forest would say, which my husband says and I love it, very endearing.  It was a sunny day out.  I am a fair weather runner only outside, as for the treadmill, that is a different story.  I have been studying myself and my running habits.  I constantly tell myself I am not a TRUE runner.  What is a true runner in my mind?  I honestly don't think I have taken the time to nail down an answer to that question, but whatever it is, I have convinced myself I am not.

  The run I tackled today is very near my house in the country.  When it is a sunny day, the scenery is bar-none in my opinion.  I mean it, so pretty!  The air doesn't get any better either.  I get so happy on these country runs that today I shouted out to complete strangers "Isn't this great?  So beautiful!"  The lady looked at me like a crazed maniac, and her husband very politely said "yes it is", at least that's what I think he said, I am not for certain because I have earphones on...and much later I realized that I was probably shouting really loud to those people who couldn't have been more than 10 yards away, crazed maniac, me?no.  Slow on the uptake?...maybe a little...seriously, sometimes my mouth goes WAY before my rationality, which i probably have very little of.

  I like to think about the reasons I choose running, especially before a run to psyche myself up, and during a run to keep myself going.  I NEED to run.  Anyone reading this who has been running for more than 3 months (90 days to make a habit) will surely understand this one.  My threshold is probably 4 days without, then I will go bonkers, crawl into the fetal position and chant "I am not a real runner, I am not a real runner", you get the idea.  I also cannot run back to back days either.  I have learned that each person has different thresholds and breaking points, there really is no set schedule of running for everyone. SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU WILL BE BORED WITH MY RUNNING SCHEDULE  So for me the ideal schedule is once every two days.  One of the days I will try to beat my current record, 8 miles at this point, then in two days probably run at least half of whatever my record is, then run my previous record or 1 mile less :), then in two days try to make my record, or break it depending on how I am feeling at this point.

  Being a woman can really jack up my running schedule.  Oh I know you women reading are saying..."suck it up, take a Midol", trust me I TRIED, and I learned VERY quickly that I am not a woman who can recover from a long run during my time of the month.  I can't be too tired, or sick either.  The repercussions of this are far worse than if I would have just bided my time and been active in other ways, i.e; cleaning my house, something that is grossly neglected with all I have piled on my plate recently.

  Please comment if you can relate!


  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing, Jolene! I haven't run for a while but hopefully will get back to it one of these days...thanks for the motivation! Retha

    1. Retha, thanks for reading my blog!! I am glad you enjoyed me motivation to write more!