Thursday, April 26, 2012

probably my most boring post yet

Second vacation run.  I decided I was going to have to run at least one more time before exiting the ship for good.  It was Wednesday night (Pirate night), the next day was a day at sea, so I thought it would be  perfect.  Amazingly enough we all decided to retire early, more than likely because of the big day we had in Cozumel; rain, dolphin swim, shopping, it was a lot of fun.

  I got up around 7 Thursday morning, and hardly anyone was awake, not even the treadmill peeps!  Wednesday night was truly a party night for all.  I was only going to run about 4 miles, but then I was feeling up to it, so I pushed myself for 6, amidst a beautiful sunrise, a lack of water (why don't the ladies come around asking if we need water?) and sweat...always plenty of that.  I had a good stretch then went and got my husband for some coffee.  We were amazed at how quiet the ship was, and had quite a chuckle over it.

  That night Kurt was reading in the Navigator, which is a list of the goings on for the day.  This was for Friday.  He told me there was going to be a 5K on Castaway Cay at 9:30 am.  Okay, so it was thinking time for me... "I just ran 6 miles this morning, and I have learned the hard way not to go back to back running, but it is only 3.1 miles, and how many times in my life will I get to run a 5K on Disney's private island?"  Do you know what drove me to do it?  The fact that there may be a t-shirt involved, a little of the aforementioned, but mostly for a keepsake.  I was there bright and semi early Friday morning, and they had bib numbers they were registering, so I thought "if this is all I get I will be happy because it is a memento" Then entertained the idea of taking my bib and going back to bed.

  Upon waiting to leave the ship I struck up a conversation with a woman from Florida, she was telling me that she trained for a half marathon in 3 months, just out of the blue.  She gave me lots of encouragement that this was definitely something I could accomplish.  In fact all the runners I have discussed my concerns with, have given me hope.  And of course a lot of prayer and relying on my savior Jesus Christ goes into this endeavor.  I guess now would be a great time to mention that after I run this half marathon in July,  I do not plan on running that long of a distance again...this is what I say NOW.  

  No need to worry about warming up for this run.  We had a 15 minute walk to the bike path which was where the run was to begin.  Ready set GO!!  It was beautiful, and I remember it well. I even got a medal!  I was probably the most excited person over 10 to get the thing.  I sure hope the pictures I took in my head will remain with me for a lifetime, as this was a once in a lifetime experience :)

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