Monday, April 9, 2012

I have this gadget called a bodybugg.  It logs the calories I burn, the steps I take, and the amount of activity I achieve in a day.  I bought it a little more than two years ago.  It had a nice years rest, then I decided it was time to go at this losing weight thing again.

  Two years ago, I was running, however I would have never dreamed of entering a race.  The most I could run was 2 miles, I burned 199 calories, and it seemed like it took forever to accomplish.

  Present time and getting back to BB (bodybugg)  On off run days this little device either keeps me motivated or depresses me, but I know that once I remove it for good...I have given up.  I believe that as long as I run, I will wear this and here is why:

#1 When I work this hard, I really like to see my results in numbers...kind of like a paycheck
#2 I know it's not possible, but it feels like if I'm not wearing it, I'm not burning as many calories.
#3 As long as I am wearing it, I am not giving up.

  On off run days, and when I can't see myself getting another run in, or I don't feel like running  I tend to exaggerate, and tell myself mean things like "you are so close to giving up"  "watch yourself slowly fade into stopping" there's more but it's mean, so I'll leave it out.  So today I know I will have time to run tomorrow, I also am afraid I will come up with some fabulous excuse not to.  Do I ever listen to my excuses?  Not usually, but there's always tomorrow.  I guess I just have to pull myself up by the boot straps and do it.  Tomorrow will be on the treadmill in the gym.  Which reminds me...I need to get some podcasts loaded!  I love listening to Dr. James Mc Donald, Pastor Daniel Fusco, and Pastor Jason Biel.  All these men are anointed with the power to deliver the word in a way that many of us can relate, and for that I am so thankful, because I NEED Jesus!  Are you kidding?  He is why I get through 8 miles!

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