Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my first 10 mile ever! (in my life)

Whenever I get home from a run, the first thing I want to do is sit down and tell you all about it!  But that would not be the nicest thing I did to myself.  When I got home this morning I was stuck between grabbing the gear that I ditched, stretching, taking an ice bath, or getting my stomach some chocolate milk.

  I decided I better go grab my gear.  On the way home from my run, I told myself "you are not going to talk the babysitters ear off about your run, no matter how interested she looks".  I mean it, this young lady looks like she cares and is interested in what I am saying.  She comes from good parents, good manners she has, because I know there is no way in the world she cares!  She even listens AFTER I pay her ;)  So after I sent her away I hopped in the minivan and picked up my water pack I ditched on the road leading to my house, then out one more mile to pick up my jacket that I had originally ditched 2 miles in, but on the second return, grabbed it and dragged it a little closer and more easily accessible.  I didn't want to be pulling over on a 50 mile an hour country road to grab a jacket.

  The details
I left my drive way sometime after 7 am.  I had my back pack with water, safety pinned to that I had my pack of jelly beans.  It is hard to figure out where to put everything because I don't like removing my back pack and having to put it back on.  But I do however think it is better than having something strapped around my waist possibly pressing on my bladder.  I set my GPS, turned on RunCast and set out.  I threw my phone into the back pack, but the part where I put it was pressing on the water bag and therefore cutting off the flow of water through the drinking tube.  I was almost a half mile when I realized this, and decided it was time for my audiobook anyway.  So I took off the pack, switched over to book, placed my phone in another pocket and I was good for a while.  I was pretty chilled in the shade, and my hands were still cold so I kept my jacket on for about 2 miles.  When I shed it, I lied it over the post to someones mailbox.  If I am right it was the mailbox to the sweet older woman I had seen a few days prior, I knew she wouldn't mind.  I won't take you through every mile, but I will tell you that in my avoidance to retrace the hills right before my driveway, led me to create a variated route to get the miles in.  I didn't want to go to far from home, and in the grand scheme of things I was never more than 2.5 miles away.  

  Mile 8ish.  I was going to take a pic of the scenery before me, but the camera was on the mode where it takes a pic of me, so I decided hey, why not?  I am actually running here, how's that for iPhone stability?
This is what I was trying to get a picture of originally.
So after I went all the way to the end of this road, which wasn't really far at all, I made my turn around and thought I would have reached mile 9 way before I did.  Oh man.  I contemplated going back down that road again, but didn't.  Hind site says I should have.  I was seeking a road, ANY road I could turn down before I got to my road!  I found one.  It was a hill.  GRRRR  so up this hill I travel, looking forward to the way down.  Got down the hill, and STILL no 9 mile call out!  So I backtracked up the road.  FINALLY I hear it.  So I turn around and head home still not knowing for sure if it is a mile to the house, even though I have run this road and heard "1mile" about 15 times now when I hit that one mile mark on the way out from my house, but do you think I could remember where it was?  No, so I took my chances, and would you believe?,  I wasn't that far off at all.  

Yay!!! it's my road!
At this point I should have had about a half mile to go.  I took my phone out of my pack, and tossed...well tried to hide it in the bushes (it's expensive!)  And picked up my pace so I could make those imp hills!  I muscled up and pulled into my drive way right at 10 miles!  How crazy is that???

Home now
After grabbing some chocolate milk then my gear from the sides of the road, I headed up for my ice bath.  It was actually just cold water, no ice.  And to tell you the truth I was freezing before I ever got in.  I contemplated wearing my sweatshirt in there but decided not to.  Nope.  I put the water to leg level and got in with my birthday suit.  Yes there was some squealing going on.  Then I read on some other girls blog how to properly take an ice bath.  Hmmm, I wish I would have read that BEFORE taking mine.  She not only wore jacket, she wore her shorts...DUH!  Well, I guess that's all for now as I have stuff I still gotta do, sore knees and all.  (it's a good sore).