Sunday, June 24, 2012

My last two runs, and inspiration for the half marathon

   I have had so many things rolling around in my head that I have wanted to share.  I have been making little notes on my iPhone when I have the chance, but I usually don't because the times I think of the best stuff to write are on runs, or in the shower.  I don't take my phone into the shower believe it or not, and on runs, the last thing I am trying to pull up is notepad.

  The last post I made was about my nine mile run.  I cannot believe it is only a few days until ten miles.  I am in much deliberation about treadmill vs. road for this.  The weather is supposed to be phenomenal, and if I get out there soon enough, I know I would be able to do it without the heat.  I am also debating on driving into the nearest flatter city and scoping out a place to run around there.  I have two days to do it, so I better get started!

  I have also been desiring to add more activity to my daily routines.  I do however want to wait until after the half marathon so my body can adjust and I can see how it reacts to more exercise.  When the half marathon is over, I think for the following week, I will be doing a lot of swimming.  I have never been a great swimmer, but just being active in the pool will give me a workout and be easy on my joints.

  I recently learned through RunCast (a podcast about running) that after long runs I should ice my legs.  That can even include running cold water over them.  I have done this twice now, and at first my skin isn't a fan, but after the first two seconds it actually feels good!  Then I was listening to the two Gomers run a marathon, and they talked about ice baths and how they never would have thought to do that, they would have thought to use warm water.  I was thinking to myself "me too!".

  Recently my friend Erin sent me an awesome encouragement.  She told me about her first half marathon, and how the last few miles were great because she was running on the fact that she was running the farthest she had ever gone!  My experience will hopefully be very similar, as I am doing Hal Higdon's novice/1 training and the last long run before the race is ten miles.  He even says don't worry about being able to complete the last 3.1 if you never ran it before, because inspiration will carry you to the finish line.  Which brings me to something  I have mentioned before because I wasn't quite sure about this.  But one thing I have learned from running is that it IS possible to inspire yourself.  I always thought I should depend on others to inspire me.  This is a pretty amazing revelation if I do say so myself.  I think we can inspire ourselves on lots of levels!  Not just running.  Any accomplishment that takes hard work and discipline deserves to be rewarded with inspiration...if that makes any sense.

  Two runs ago was a 5 mile, I was having such a tough go at it.  I didn't achieve my regular "feel good" moment at the first half mile mark like I usually do.  I was feeling very tired for some reason.  I think it's because I had mixed up my schedule, and didn't give myself enough of a rest period between the 9 mile, and that run.  Just as I was beginning to pity myself, I looked up and seen a deer in the distance.  It was the first time seeing one on a run.  Oh don't get me wrong I have seen plenty of deer in my day, but something about being on a run makes it sweeter, more special.  Kind of like me and the deer were on level playing field.  Strange?  I know, but it's just the way I felt.  I love nature, and animals, and all that foo foo stuff, but I am No fanatic about it.  You won't catch me hiking a mountain to spend the night at the top, or standing in the rain on a boat to watch some whales, nor will you ever see me anywhere near a garden unless I am watering it for a friend on vacation.  Running, cleaning the house, taking care of my family, and cooking dinner are about the hardest things I do.  I love my modern conveniences.  (rabbit trail...sorry).  So I kept on running and at the half way point ate some of those energy jelly beans I bought, I was feeling much better.  I ran it in and at the last hill I had already completed my 5 miles so I was able to walk the last hill to my driveway.  I was a little discouraged that the run was difficult, but my new friend Zoran reminded me that the harder runs make us appreciate the good runs, and as I am sure I have mentioned before in the past that most of my runs are pleasant and a few difficult ones are to be expected.

  I am getting as prepared as much as I can for this half marathon in a week and a half.  I have a good dinner, nights sleep, and breakfast all planned out.  But I can only plan so much.  I am trying not to dwell to hard on the fact that I will be having my monthly visitor at this time.  According to my schedule I am due to start on the second, which if I do this would be desirable as I would be on the third day by the time of the race.  If it starts a little earlier I would be elated...but I haven't been having such luck lately.  I have so far had my monthly visitor for my First race, Disney Cruise, outdoor school, and now as scheduled the half marathon.  It's like I had free passes all those other years of my life when I got to do all sorts of stuff and never been on it.  Oh well, I guess it's time.  If you are a praying person, please pray for me to start a little early.  Thank you.

  Todays run was very good.  I purposely woke early this morning so that I would be able to get my scheduled run early.  I was quite dismayed that is was raining pretty good.  It's one thing to start in dry weather then get caught in the rain, and another thing to start in a downpour and be miserable for the whole thing.  So I figured I would be waiting till like 3 in the afternoon, but not so!  The sun began to break out around 8:30 so I strapped on my running gear and headed out for a beautiful 5 mile run!  I had a shot blok just before my half way point and that tasted really good!  It's like a little guilt free treat!  I felt the energy kick in around 3.7 miles and was on fire!  I finished strong as my 5 miles ended before the two hills on the way to my driveway, but I ran them anyway, and ran the last hill at a full sprint (not sure how fast that was because I was kind of tired, it was all I could muster anyway :))

  Well that will be all for this blog edition.  The family is getting ready to watch the latest episode of Good Luck Charlie, and I am excited to join them!  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.


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